29483 Contact Lens for Dry Eyes

Contact lenses to treat dry eyes in 29483

29483 contact lens for dry eyes

29483 contact lens for dry eyes

Many patients come to see us because their dry eyes are making their contact lenses feel uncomfortable. If you are experiencing this problem, you should visit our top-notch optometrist, Dr. James F. Deavers, at our optometric practice and optical store, James Deavers, OD, PA. At our practice, our eye doctor can prescribe the 29483 contact lens for dry eyes.

Today, just about anyone can wear contact lenses. This includes patients who have astigmatism or need our 29483 contact lens for dry eyes. There have been so many great developments over recent years in contact lens materials that having a special medical condition with your eyes, does not necessarily preclude you from wearing contact lenses. Many patients come to see our optometrist complaining that their contact lenses make their eyes feel dry. While dry eye syndrome is not caused by wearing contact lenses, it is a common condition which can make it difficult for patients to comfortably wear contact lenses, unless they are the right type. If your eyes feel irritated and scratchy when you wear contact lenses, our optometrist can help by prescribing a new type of contact lens for you which is specifically made for patients who have dry eye. Today, there are many contact lens technologies that manufacturers have developed which alleviate dry eye symptoms made worse by contact lens wear. Our eye doctor will thoroughly assess your vision needs, and determine the best way to make your contact lenses more comfortable. Our eye doctor can prescribe lenses for you which will make it much more comfortable for you to wear contact lenses. Dry eye as a condition is not in itself serious. This is because it can usually be extremely easily treated with over-the-counter eye drops or with medicated eye drops which our optometrist can prescribe. However, you never want to have dry eye go untreated because permanent vision damage can be done to the cornea.

For an appointment to meet with our optometrist to get our 29483 contact lens for dry eyes, contact us today.

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