29483 Contact Lens for Dry Eyes

Contact lenses in 29483

29483 contact lens for dry eyes

29483 contact lens for dry eyes

Just because you have dry eyes does not mean that you cannot wear contact lenses for vision correction. Our top-notch eye doctor, Dr. James Deavers, will be able to provide you with a complete contact lens exam and fitting at our office, James Deavers, OD, PA, and let you know if you will benefit from wearing a 29483 contact lens for dry eyes.

Today just about anyone who needs to have their vision corrected for refractive errors can wear contact lenses. If you have astigmatism you can wear toric contact lenses. And if you have dry eyes you can wear a special 29483 contact lens for dry eyes. There are many different brands available that produce contact lenses that are especially comfortable for patients with dry eyes. And they are not likely to cause any problems with eye irritation or making dry eyes worse. If a patient has dry eye, wearing regular contact lenses can cause the eyes to become irritated, and the contact lenses may not sit well on the eyes, or may become uncomfortable for the patient to wear. In fact, a common complaint that our eye doctor hears is that contact lenses that the patient is wearing makes his or her eyes feel dry. However, when you wear the right contact lenses for dry eyes, as prescribed by our eye doctor this will not occur. Newer contact lenses have been developed to reduce contact lens-induced dry eye symptoms. Some of these lenses have new technology that will provide exceptional comfort and vision for the day, especially when compared to other lenses. These new lenses can retain moisture for as long as 16 hours. There are also single-use daily disposable contact lenses that have a greater water component in the lens. Our identity will be able to let you know which types of specialized contact lenses will work best for you and your dry eyes.

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