Eye Doctor Summerville

Eye Doctor Summerville

Thinking about trading in your glasses for contacts? Head on down to the office of Dr. James Deavers, where you’ll receive the finest optical service in Summerville. Dr. Deavers prides himself on having a knowledgeable staff with a family-oriented service. If you or your child wishes to use contact lenses, schedule an appointment with our Summerville optometrist to learn more about how they could improve your daily life and fulfill your vision needs.¬†Contacts are thin plastic lenses placed directly on the eye to correct vision problems. Many people who lead active lifestyles choose contacts over glasses because they want clear and crisp vision without having a pair of fragile glasses on their face.

Summerville Contact Lens Exams

If you’re considering contact lenses, you’ll first need to receive a contact lens exam from Dr. Deavers. During this examination, Dr. Deavers will determine if your eyes are healthy enough to wear contacts. Then your eyes will be measured so that your contacts will fit properly and comfortably on your eyes. If it is your first time wearing contact lenses, Summerville opticians will assist you in placing the contact lenses in and taking them out. They will help you feel more comfortable with using them daily and teach you how to properly care for them.

There are variety of different contact lenses, some of which are meant only for daily wear and other that are changed monthly. If you have daily contacts, you discard them at the end of the evening and wear a new pair each morning. Others however need to be replaced weekly or monthly, which requires proper removal, cleaning, disinfecting and storing. Your Summerville eye doctor will show you how to properly disinfect and store your contacts.

Be aware that wearing contact lenses for an extended period of time can result in blurry vision, pain, or redness due to a lack of oxygen passing through the eye. It is important to remember that contact lenses are medical devices (they require a prescription after all) and should thus be treated with proper care to keep your eyes healthy and safe. If you already have contact lenses, please know that your prescription expires after one year, in which case you’ll need to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Deavers to update your optical prescription.

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