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Lincolnville eye doctor

Lincolnville eye doctor

Did you know what glaucoma isn’t actually a finite disease but rather a kind of group of diseases which damage one’s eyes and generally their optic nerve which can result in vision loss and even blindness in the worst cases. That’s right, An eye care professional can answer more specific questions and if you’re looking consider giving James Deavers, OD, PA a call for your Lincolnville eye doctor needs. Although there have been several big studies conducted in an attempt to show that eye pressure is the major risk when it comes to your optic nerve and vision in general. That is why when you ask yourself,” will I develop glaucoma if I have increased eye pressure?” the answer is not necessarily.

James Deavers, OD, PA is the Lincolnville eye doctor who makes glaucoma care his highest priority. So in this respect he wants to let you know that the highest risk populations out there today are African Americans over the age of 40 both male and female. Everyone who is over the age of 60 should really consider getting tested and regularly for this, and especially if you are of Mexican American descent; and of course if you are someone who has a family history with glaucoma you should get over here and see for yourself what the future may hold for you.

No doubt Glaucoma is a real life changer when you find out you has it but it doesn’t have to be seen as the end for you by any means. In fact there are so many treatments and way to handle it today that you can make sure you stay on your path and can lead the life you want. James Deavers, OD, PA can be your guide in this regard and will show you want needs to be done to ensure that you stay on your Lincolnville eye doctor journey correctly.

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