Lincolnville Vision Center

Soft and rigid gas permeable contacts in Lincolnville

Lincolnville vision center

Lincolnville vision center

Our Lincolnville vision center offers a comprehensive array of contact lenses to suit each individual patient’s needs including daily disposables, extended wear soft lenses, and gas permeable contact lenses. Our experienced staff at the eye care practice of James Deavers, OD, PA take the time to discuss how different prescription lenses can impact your vision, answer any questions you might have, and supply you with the most up-to-date information in order to keep your eyes healthy.

Rigid or hard contact lenses, also called gas-permeable lenses, are a shrinking segment of the industry, but our eye doctors still have a large number of patients who wear them. They offer sharper vision and can correct nearsightedness or astigmatism. Soft contact lenses are the most frequently prescribed at our optometry office. This is due to their tremendous comfort, and are now even available for patients with dry eyes, astigmatism, and even for patients who prefer multifocal lenses. Once you’ve decided between hard or soft lenses, however, there still are many different types of contact lenses to choose from at our optical store. There are daily wear lenses, which can be worn up to 18 hours. Conversely, there are extended wear lenses which can be worn overnight. Unlike either of these two types, however, are disposable lenses which are worn for only one day at a time and are then discarded. Furthermore, ortho-k lenses are particularly appealing for people whose daily life may make contact lens wear difficult. The goal for ortho-k is to correct your vision to 20/20 without the use of lenses during the day. The wearer applies them at bedtime and worn overnight.

So if you prefer hard or soft, extended wear or daily disposable, require multifocal lenses, or even wish to correct your vision with ortho-k lenses, then it is important to first consult our Lincolnville vision center on which style of contact lenses are best suited for your particular prescription, eye shape, and specific needs. At the eye care of practice of James Deavers, OD, PA, we will be sure that all your prescription eye care needs and expectations are met and exceeded.

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