North Charleston Eye Doctor

North Charleston Eye Doctor

Our children are priceless to us and when we feel there may be a health issue, we want the most reliable, educated medical professionals available. Our North Charleston eye doctor, James Deavers, OD, PA, prides himself on restoring, enhancing, and preserving the vision of your entire family. Promoting an atmosphere free of anxiety and stress, our well-educated staff is especially trained to deal with the vision issues of your children, which are handled gently and compassionately. Specializing in the treatment of Myopia (nearsightedness) and Strabismus (crossed eyes or eyes that turn out), exceptional care is given to provide a friendly, relaxed atmosphere for children undergoing examination. Special techniques using mirrors have been developed to examine these eye problems without having to place anything close to your child’s face. This thoughtful approach, and others similar, keep you and your children as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Children's Vision Problems North Charleston

Children’s Vision Problems North Charleston

With Strabismus, there is a misalignment caused when one or more of the six muscles that control the eyes stop working properly. Our North Charleston eye doctor explains that this condition prevents your child’s eyes from working together, first causing vision impairment, double vision or improper depth perception. Statistics show that Strabismus occurs in two to five percent of all children. Without the ability to outgrow it, children can lose vision in one eye if the base cause is not treated in early childhood.

Our North Charleston eye doctor uses the latest techniques to diagnose children with Strabismus and/or Myopia, making diagnosing these disorders quite easy and with little to no discomfort. There have been some remarkable advances in the diagnosis of Strabismus and Myopia including the latest computer-based test of depth perception that can be used with children as young as four months old. Treatment for Strabismus usually includes glasses, eye muscle exercises, or surgery. Myopia is inherited and often detected in children between eight and twelve years of age. Myopia may become worse during the teenage years when the body is growing quickly. Dr. Deavers is an expert in his field and uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your child at all ages and offers the best and most thorough treatment options.

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